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About Us

A-AMEN Services LLC is a For-Profit organization that will provide Mental Health Skill Building Services for individuals who have a primary diagnosis of mental health disability living in their own home and / or who may live with family members.  A-AMEN Services LLC believes in supporting the individuality of each individual through the development of their Individual Services Plan. Individuals will also be supported in various areas of skill building to improve each individual’s level of personal independence.  


A-AMEN Services LLC also believes in encouraging individuals to have input in the choices they make and shall help them utilize a variety of resources and natural supports to help them achieve their desired outcomes and personal interest.  

A-AMEN mission is to provide individuals with life skills through the use of natural supports, community resources and therapeutic strategies and interventions that will provide daily opportunities for personal empowerment in various aspects of community living. We believe that individuals despite their on-going mental health challenges should always be treated with dignity and respect and provided professional, quality and supportive services. AAMEN Services LLC is dedicated to providing individualized services that support each person achieve the results of their desired outcomes by utilizing sound and innovative therapeutic principals and practices.

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